Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green

Written by Pelican

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that Nintendo’s latest complementary Pokemon games are remakes of the original ‘Red’ and ‘Green'(or ‘Blue’ if you didn’t import) titles, including satisfactory yet shallow extras. From the snippets of information released by Nintendo it seems no new Pokemon have been added to the roster, although through trading you could finally complete your ‘Ruby/Saphire’ collection.

The most instantly recognisable update is the game’s graphical overhaul, old Pikachu’s virtual botox treatment has seemingly taken years off his ageing skin. FR&LG is easily on a par with the series’ most recent instalments, and sometimes even exceeds the standards set by R&S.

Gameplay details have been scarce, although one thing we do know is that R&S’ ‘Pokemon Navigator’ is making a comeback, albeit bigger & better this time (what else did you expect).

The games are getting their Japanese release before the end of this month, and they are expected to hit the US and europe by Q404, although it’ll be interesting to see if Pokemon’s target market is still around by then.