Pokemon Finally Gets A Solid Euro Date

After its successful release in Japan (which happened so long ago we cannot remember how successful it was) and it recent release in the US (selling 1.75 million copies in just two weeks) Nintendo has finally pinned a solid release date for the Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl duo, the game will be available throughout Europe on 27th July. With 100 new ‘mon, touch-screen support, microphone options, and Wi-Fi connection support the game is sure to be as success for Ninty when it finally gets released

To hype all Pokemaniacs up even more Nintendo’s are giving gamers the chance to get a chocolate PokeBall containing a unique code that will unlock the Manaphy Pokémon in your copy of Pokémon Ranger game. To get the egg you have to go down to GAME on 2nd June which some magic will happen and you will receive him – you will also get a A3 Pokémon Diamond & Pokémon Pearl poster for you troubles. Of course when you down a GAME you could always preorder Pokémon Diamond or Pearl and secure yourself Dialga stylus when ordering Pokémon Diamond or a Palkia stylus when ordering Pokémon Pearl. Maybe someone will give you a few quid for it on eBay!