Bullet Point Sony GDC Keynote Round-Up

● Two new PS3 demos shown – New LOD (ducks) demo, and an underwater demo featuring thousands of fish. (Article)
● Blu-Ray talked up. Blu-Ray was said to promise 200 times more space for gaming than other platforms. With this much space, one global SKU (or version of the game) could be developed for all regions across the globe. Getaway demo shown in real-time, the system pulls data from the BRD to display all the detail and data and population of the hotspot. (Article)
● Heavenly Sword demo shown, like the one at E3. Except this time it was real-time. (Video)
● A Car demo was shown. In it, a car was subjected to bullet shots as paint chipped and the car eventually exploded. (Article)
● A real-time demonstration of Warhawk was shown. Across a massive battlefield, you could see ambient warfare everywhere, with background battles raging far away from you. (Article)
● Sony discusses more about its online plan. Sony’s online network will offer downloadable content and online commerce using micropayments. The company also plans a subscription service. (Article)
● Ratchet and Clank demo shown. The demo featured a bright, lush, bustling city somewhat similar to Coruscant from Star Wars or designs from The Fifth Element. Gagetron vehicles hustled here and there — the whole environment was busy with activity. (Article)
● Phil Harrison confirmed that online would require broadband, and confirmed that every PS3 will come with a HDD.
● Sony reiterates that PS3 will be fully backward compatible from day one.
● New “real-time” Motorstorm demo shown. Compared to the E3 presentation, the game looked surprisingly like its promise. The game featured buggies and motorcycles running through a rugged desert. (Article)
● Singstar announced for PS3. Singstar is a singing title which supports downloadable games, as well as adding pics and videos using the EyeToy camera peripheral. (Article)
● Resistance: Fall of Man demo shown. The new realtime demo showed the game in much more complete form than the simple FPS that was shown at E3 in 2005. (Article)
● Sony showed a video of God of War II: Divine Retribution. The trailer consisted mostly of Kratos fighting off a 3-headed dog (where he viciously ripped off heads), then grabbing a griffon in flight and chopping off its wings. (Article)
● Sony talks up PSP. GPS launch in winter, Eyetoy launch in Fall.

Source: Gaming-Age Forums