Podcast 9 – A Moan In The Dark


Bam! New week, new podcast. This week, we found out that it’s difficult to be interesting when you’re really tired. But stick with us – there’s some good stuff here. We kick off with the usual chunnering about our recent gaming exploits, then neatly segue onto the subject of the supposedly up-and-coming Shadow of the Colossus movie that is surely going to lead to the suspicious deaths of all involved in its production. After the interlude we talk forever about games we really loved in 2008, but didn’t make it into the end-of-year top 20 list. So if you want to hear us banging on about games you hated, you’re in the right place. HIGHLIGHTS:

– We all sound kind of drunk. We weren’t.
– Andi might’ve been, actually.
– Sean gets eaten by his dog.
– Ian really, really likes Alone in the Dark.
– Seth doesn’t.
Too Human was the best game of 2008.

We realise that, clocking in at 99 minutes long, this one’s a bit of a slog. Less of that in future, we promise. Oh, and feel free to send Andi hate-mail because of his stupid microphone that sounds like crap. PAHF. PAHFF. PAHHFFFFF. Shut up, Andi.

Anyway, enjoy the podcast, and we’ll see YOU next week.

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