Podcast 81 – Rim Runners

This would’ve been up a week ago, but Sean ate a whole bag of Starburst one evening and it gave him trapped wind. We’ll ignore the fact that, even if this episode had gone up a week ago, it still would’ve been woefully late.

This is part two of three of our Eurogamer Expo coverage, if you think the last episode counts. We do.

Instead of us just sitting around in a car, though, this episode has us actually talking about actual games that we actually played at the show. Imagine! There’s too many to list (and half of them are probably on the shelves now), and it goes on forever, but shut up. It’s value for money.

After we’ve talked about the games, we talk about the show in general, and answer your questions, like ALWAYS. Next episode will feature our interviews with all the indie developers we could harass into talking to us, as well as maybe a special Hallowe’en bit. We’ll see.


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