Podcast 8 – Strafing Train


We’ve bloody done it. Two podcasts in as many weeks. We’re officially on a ROLL. Plus we’re now in stereo, so listen with headphones if you want to imagine us surrounding you, and barking our stupid opinions directly into your face and ears. Here’s a summary of this week’s warblings:

– Resident Evil 5 makes Sean racist
– Street Fighter IV: still incredible
– DarkZero is to become a pachinko website
– None of us can remember what happened at GDC
– OnLive can’t work, SURELY?
– Strafing trains

There may also be a beautifully tasteless joke about Jade Goody. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. We ended up not doing the chat about stuff we wanted to be in last year’s top 20, but we’ll get to that at some point.

Oh, and say hello to the sensual voice of Seth, long time writer, first time podcaster.


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