Podcast 72 – Reggiemania

AHHH. IT’S NEARLY E3. And look at us, making the same mistake we do every year. Allowing ourselves to get excited about it. Making plans. Talking about what we think might happen, when we know just as little as you do. BRILLIANT.

This week kicks off with Owen talking too much about Pokémon Blue, Sean talks about Duke Nudem and then wishes he hadn’t, and finally Andi and Sean join forces to talk about the hugely flawed masterpiece that is Brink.

The second bit is all about E3. Listen to us talk about how badly we want Phantasy Star Online 2, as if you didn’t already know.

Third bit, is LISTENER QUESTIONS. They are good. Listen to them.

Next episode – which should hopefully go up before E3 – we announce the winners of the Magicka competition, and finalise our plans for the DarkZero E3 Liveblog/Glorified Chat Room. So LISTEN to THAT.

Send us your idiotic/beautiful questions, requests or competition entries either by email (podcast [at] darkzero.co.uk) or via Twitter.

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