Podcast 70 – Falling Into Your Own Mind

Hey! Have a recording from two weeks ago or something. Come on, you know the drill by now.

Oh, good news though: THERE’S AN ACTUAL COMPETITION IN THIS ONE. We’ve got a bunch of copies of Magicka and the recent Vietnam expansion to give away. If that sounds like something you might be interested in, listen to the podcast. I think the bit about the competition is near the end, so you can either skip straight to that or, if you really must, listen to the whole bloody thing.  Episode 71 is already in the can, so don’t worry about closing dates or anything just yet. We’ll figure that out some other time.

This episode features a load of not-quite-current guff about the new Nintendo console, CVG’s ‘WRONG’ campaign, the Portal 2 launch, and Christ alone knows what else. Then we answer your questions, which are incredible.

Join us next time, where we try out an incredible structural shift in the podcast running order. Sort of.


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