Podcast 63 – A piece of E.T.’s face

Oh no! Not another one!

This week’s podcast is longer than usual, so we’ve stuck all the best stuff towards the end, just to upset you. Ha!

We kick off by tackling the Livingstone-Hope review, and the relevance of getting a degree in games design. This was probably a mistake, as we hadn’t really warmed up, and Ian goes off on a rant that neither we nor he can figure out. We then discuss our games of the week and follow a few weird tangents about game marketing, release schedules, and Andi’s stupid fat fingers that can’t control touch-screen games. Ian also talks about porn stars for a bit. He insists it’s video game-related, but we genuinely cannot remember if that turned out to be true.

During the break – somewhere around the middle, break fans! –  we’ve got a mini-interview with our glorious leader Ben Knowles, wherein he has a special message for each and every one of you.

The listener questions in the second half are as wonderful as ever, and take us on a series of massive discussions about role-playing in video games, and the usefulness (or lack of) of morality bars. It’s pretty interesting, if you like video games. If you don’t, it’s probably woefully dull!

Oh, special thanks/apologies to Robert Burns, because we totally forgot to read out his e-mail question. That’ll get done next week. And now, some horrible links that will make only sense once you’ve heard the podcast:

NSFW Dugtrio
Egg Shepard

Ta! x

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