Podcast 5 – March 2008


DarkZero’s entirely mighty fifth podcast is upon you, and features yet another exciting change to the roster – Matt was unable to join us, so we drafted in the services of current DZ greenhorn, Pete Barker. We’re also once again joined by Ian, because he’s got nothing better to do this month.

Responding to the notion that maybe some of you don’t have two hours to listen to us spout crap about video games, we’ve cut our ramblings down to just under 40 minutes, making it the perfect length to stick on when you’re having a bath, poo, or both.

This podcast also marks the introduction of our 600% official DarkZero podcast theme, as composed by us, using the superb NitroTracker for the DS, and a bunch of samples from Rhythm Tengoku, and the Guitar Hero 3 cheat input screen. HARDCORE.

And for those of you who are interested, here’s the awful Rez video mentioned in the podcast, shot and edited entirely on Andi’s phone:


However, we’d strongly recommend you listen to the podcast first so you know what the hell is going on.