Podcast 46 – Ian’s Obsession

Whoah! Another podcast! It’s almost like we’re doing them on a regular basis again, or something.

It’s competition time again at DZ Towers, as we’re now desperately trying to shift a copy of Lego Indiana Jones 2 for the Xbox 360. The competition details are at the start of the podcast, so you’ve not got the excuse of getting bored 20 minutes in and missing it. Send your entries to the usual address – podcast [at] darkzero.co.uk – before the 15th of March, and the best one wins the game. And what do we want you to send us? Well, you’ll have to bloody listen to find out, YEAH?

This week, Ian explains why he’s playing Skate 2 more than ever, with the sequel just a few months away. Sean’s been playing a load of iPhone rubbish, and tells us why he doesn’t really like Plants Vs Zombies. Andi is entirely absent for the first half of the episode, but those who appreciate his particular brand of tedium will be pleased to hear that he’s in the second bit, where we discuss Sean’s assassination of an entire development studio, and why you all need to stop giving Michael Pachter a hard time. And it’s not just because he was kind enough to come on the podcast last year.

There’s also some stuff about Ubisoft’s draconian DRM, the X10 event, and the utterly ridiculous video game BAFTA nominations. Plus, we answer a load of your questions, and some of them were particularly good this week.

So, hurry up and listen to us talk, because we are bloody fascinating. And we’ll see you next week. Hopefully.

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