Podcast 45 – Listener questions special

Oh God. We’re sorry it’s been so long. This episode was actually recorded about three weeks ago, but a number of things that happened that prevented Sean from completing the edit. Those things include, but aren’t limited to, the release of Mass Effect 2, and a near-death brush with the almighty NOROVIRUS. But all is well once again – we’ve all finished Mass Effect 2 (twice, in some cases),  and Sean’s poo is now totally solid again. Except when he drinks too much Fentimans Cola, but that’s his own fault.

Anyway, this episode is a listener questions special, so brace yourselves for that. Next week we’ll be mercilessly caressing Mass Effect 2’s every curve, announcing the winner of the Wolverine competition (remember that?), and launching the next one. As always, fire your questions at the @DarkZeroUK Twitter account, or send them to podcast [at] darkzero.co.uk. Those of you waiting to have your questions answered, or your competition prizes posted – we haven’t forgotten. Promise.


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