Podcast 42 – Competition time!

Happy new year, fellow cretins! We’re kicking off 2010 in the traditional style – by doing a run-down of our annual Video games of the Year article, for those of you who are too lazy to just read the bloody thing. After the recording we sort of realised that, what with us doing regular podcasts these days, the tradition is now somewhat redundant (as in, you’ve heard us all talking about most of the games already), but for those of you who are new to the show it’ll be a nice introduction to the sort of rubbish we tend to come out with. Or if you’re one of the regulars who like to touch themselves in awful places whilst listening to our voices, you’ve now got over two hours of new material to work with.

As for everyone else, calm DOWN – in the second part (around 44 minutes in), we do the listener questions segment, followed our very first GENUINE COMPETITION. No, we’re not giving away The Ashes 2009, or Sean’s copy of You’re In The Movies without the camera. Sorry. But instead, we’ve got a 100% fresh, sealed copy of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 for the Xbox 360 to give away. Not only that, but we’re gonna give away a game every fortnight for as long as we’ve still got stuff to give away. So, about two months, give or take.

What’s the catch, you ask? Well, there are a couple, the first one being the fact that you have to listen to the podcast to find out what we want you to do in order to win the game. It’s easy though, promise. You don’t even need to listen to the whole thing – the competition bit is at one hour and five minutes in, so just skip to that if you’re impatient or greedy.

All entries to be sent to podcast [at] darkzero.co.uk, deadline is the 18th of January.

Remember to keep the questions, no matter how stupid, coming to the above e-mail address, or to our Twitter account, and thanks VERY VERY MUCH for listening. We love you all, albeit some of you more than others.

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