Podcast 41 – A Very DZ Christmas

We three blokes, from DarkZero are,
One with a beard, you’ll find him in bars,
One who’s so white, you can see him at ni-ight,
The other likes Batman far, too…
Much, but hey, it’s really grand,
Has anybody seen Seth Bland?
We talked too much about Far Cry 2,
And now he’s gone, and we’re all screwed.

Merry Christmas, all! It’s Christmas day, and while we realise you should really have better things to do, we have literally killed ourselves to make sure this podcast goes up on the morning of the 25th.


Sean’s been playing Muramasa: The Demon Blade, which you might have heard being referred to as “the good Wii game that isn’t MadWorld”. Andi’s been playing The Saboteur because it’s BLOODY GOOD, and Ian’s been slashing the hell out of everything on the remastered God of War 1+ 2 for the PS3.

There’s a quaint little chat about our fondest Christmas gaming memories, and we once again grit our teeth and answer a bunch of listener questions (as always, thanks for sending them in). There’s another novelty intro and a sort-of novelty bit in the break, and we’re back to telling rubbish jokes and swearing a lot because Pachter’s not here to make us feel faintly ashamed.

We genuinely hope you all have an entirely decent Christmas – or, if you don’t, then we hope our warblings will go some way towards making it a bit less dull/painful/horrific.


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