Podcast 4 – January 2008


A mere seven months after the last one, we at DZ towers have already managed to knock out yet another podcast, to celebrate the fact that the Wii had a unexpectedly brilliant week recently. Following in the footsteps of the very first episode, we do the usual chat about which games have been tickling our fancy recently (Ghost Squad, Zack & Wiki, and Geometry Wars: Galaxies amongst others), then go on to mull over DarkZero’s list of the top 30 games of 2007, in an intelligent and arousing manner. Because that’s how we roll.

As a special treat to kick off the new year, we even managed to pull in a special guest – Ian from MySpazz joins in on the fun, and offers a grand total of two entirely glorious opinions. Other highlights include a song from Portal that isn’t “Stay Alive”, and why a certain budget PS2 game should have you all flocking to France in the very near future. Trust us.

Those of you who have followed the podcast thus far will know by now that our ramblings are anything but short, but if you’ve got a penchant for over-enthusiastic nerds talking about video games – welcome home, son.