Podcast 32 – Pants

Podcast 32 Large

Those of you who subscribe on iTunes have probably noticed that our podcasts carry the little ‘EXPLICIT’ tag. And we feel it’s our duty to warn you that we really earned it this week. Not even because of our usual abrasive humour, but because we discuss Edmund, an indie game about sexual assault. And Vietnam. We kept it sensible for the most part, but obviously the ‘r’ word crops up a fair few times. You’ve been warned.

Andi has microphone troubles, again, but he disappears after about five minutes, and we’ve finally bought him a new headset. So as of next week, you’ll actually be able to hear him say loads of REALLY INTERESTING THINGS about Street Fighter IV. We hope you’re looking forward to that, because we’re bloody not.

Aside from the chat about Edmund, you can expect the usual light-hearted rubbish about video games, some stuff about Buddhism, and the occasional wonky bit of audio because Sean was lazy this week and just recorded the Skype audio feed instead of putting together everybody’s local recordings like he’s supposed to. And yet, somehow, the podcast is still a week late. Brilliant.

In other news, fans of our sexy voices should point their eyes and ears at GamerDork, as Andi and Sean will be appearing on episode 19 of their excellent podcast, which should be up over the next few days. That said, if you really feel the need to listen to us on two different podcasts, you should probably start asking yourself some serious questions.

Alert viewers will notice that that we sort of sneakily missed a week out. Sorry about that. But we’ll definitely be back next week, so we’ll see you then.


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