Podcast 24 – 96%

Podcast 24 Large

Holy rubbish podcasts, Batman! The DarkZero boys are at it again! Only this week they’re really tired and fed up, and using the ‘p’-word more times than is healthy! But it’s alright, because they’re also spouting a load of WITTY and INCISIVE things about video games that are certain to expand your mind and fill your heart with joy. FOR EXAMPLE:

– Ian explains why Splinter Cell: Double Agent is a dish best served on an original Xbox.
– Seth has played more of The Conduit, just to make sure that it’s, er, okay… ish.
– Andi talks about God of War because he’s DULL.
– Sean likes Splosion Man, and you should too.

Then the second half features a load of angry ranting about Michael Pachter, Comic-Con, and the fact that GamesMaster magazine is clearly staffed by IMMORAL CRETINS with NO INTEGRITY. Or are they just recommending a brilliant video game because they love it and want us to feel the same way? Hmm?

Oh yeah, and Sean makes a terrible confession and says some swearwords really loudly. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

See you next week, lovelies!


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