Podcast 23 – Desperate Housewyverns

Podcast 23 Large

Gather the children, darling – there’s a new DarkZero podcast, and it’s got dragons wyverns in it. But how do you pronounce ‘wyvern’? Listen to the podcast and you might just find out, as well as hearing a load of entertaining guff about the following:

– Andi has played Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires, likes it
– 1 vs 100
questions are for IDIOTS
– Seth is confused about The Conduit
– Sean talks about Spore: Galactic Adventures, Seth makes a paedophile joke, everyone laughs
– Denis Dyack is still saying mad things
Modern Warfare 2 chat – high price point, night vision goggles, etc

And, in an extra special trend-bucking rampage, the halftime break has been replaced by a rubbish recording that Ian and Sean made whilst stood outside the Monster Hunter Gathering Hall in London. If you don’t believe we were really there, here is PHOTOGRAPHICAL EVIDENCE:


Check that out. The guy in the yellow t-shirt had some kind of pass on his lanyard, so he’s probably a super-important Capcom employee. Or a recent university graduate doing temporary work in promotions. WHO KNOWS?

Anyway, hope you enjoy the episode, and we’ll see you all next week.

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