Podcast 22 – Battlefield Zeroes

Podcast 22 Large

Yeah, we know we talked about Battlefield Heroes last week. But we talk loads about Battlefield 1943 this week, which seemed close enough to go with this incredibly witty title. Deal with it.

This week’s highlights include:

– We like 1 vs 100.
We also like Battlefield 1943.
Sean fails to understand what an inverse relationship is.
–  “If Joe Pesci decides to take over the world again, who will save us?”
Scribblenauts excitement continues to build.

Then we go into a massive talk about the price of video games (recorded before the announcement of Modern Warfare 2 retailing at 55 quid – more on that next week) and the second-hand market completely ruining everything. And hey – why don’t more people rent games these days, anyway?

Hope to see you again next week, and thanks once again for all your feedback/comments. Do let us know if you’re listening – it makes us happy on the inside.

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