Podcast 12 – PARMAGEDDON


Yeah, yeah. So the dreaded swine flu is here, and we’re all gonna die soon. If this doesn’t seem like such a big deal to you, it’s probably because you’re too jazzed about the new DarkZero podcast to even care. Your friends and family will probably consider this a careless attitude, but we understand you. Nobody else does. Nobody but us. On top of that, here’s a list of other things we understand:

– CID the Dummy may or may not contain an X-rated ending sequence.
– The Saw game sounds a bit rubbish.
– Sean still really likes Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2, and should probably shut up and review it soon.
– Ian likes Wolverine.
The Witcher console port canned, DarkZero weeps.
Six Days In Fallujah dropped, discussion about the portrayal of real-life events in games ensues.

There’s also some stuff on the end about swine flu, because we wanted to demonstrate that we do occasionally watch the news. Sometimes, we also like to watch Have I Got News For You and laugh at every single one of the jokes. Apart from Andi, who still doesn’t even have the intellectual capacity to get his mic to record properly.

Oh, and tune in next week to hear Sean and Pete interviewing Bill Roper from Cryptic Studios about the incredibly promising Champions Online.


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