Podcast 10 – OutCast 2009: ‘Cast to ‘Cast


Here’s a question for you – what do you do when half of your podcasting team abandons you at the last minute? I’ll tell you what you do – you get in some other guy who doesn’t really want to join in, and you soldier on regardless. Ian and Seth both had to pull out this week*, so we understand if all the ladies out there would rather skip this week’s podcast. The rest of you can look forward to the following:

– OutRun 2006 is on XBLA. We are happy.
– Sean wants to be set upon by a gang of men with underpants that are the same colour as their skin.
– An assessment of the Battlefield Heroes beta, via the medium of abstract noises.
– “Subscribe to us on iTunes, or we will kill you, and ourselves.”
– None of us are particularly fussed about the DSi.

And that’s about it. If we’re honest, the chat about the DSi is probably the most interesting bit, and that’s right at the end. A bit like when talk shows always leave the most famous guest until last, only instead of being an intentional trick, it’s just an unfortunate accident.


*(although Ian still found time to make the lovely artwork, kiss kiss!)

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