Podcast 1 – January 2007


We wanted to kick-start 2007 with something new, so here’s our first ever podcast. Dropping the whole modest thing for a while we actually think it is quite good so stop reading this intro and get downloading already!

For our first podcast, which we have affectionately titled “Podcast #1”, we have gone back in time to talk about our favourite games of 2006, which is more exciting than you may think. Never heard of Naked War or Toribash? If not then get downloading quick and listen to us plead with you get two of the best games of 2006!

If that’s not enough for you, we also tell Sonic Team what we think of them, how Sonic 360 wants us to inflict physical harm on people, how Okami and God Hand MUST be played and finally lay into French people for their distinct lack of online etiquette.