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Playstation Dev Manager sees Papers, Please coming to PS4 / Vita

Shahid Kamal Ahmad is a Senior Business Development Manager for Sony Computer Entertainment’s European division. It is important you know this for the next part of this story.

You see, when he was questioned on Twitter if the awesome Papers, Please would ever come to Playstation, he offered a very short reply to get gamers excited

Yes,” he replied. You cannot get much simpler than that.

Lucas Pope – the developer of the PC/Mac version of the game – has not made any comments in regards to a console or handheld release of the game just yet though.

Papers, Please should pop up on a few GOTY lists in the coming weeks if there is any justice in the world – regardless of if there is a Playstation brand release or not.

Yes, we know we just posted a new story on a throwaway Twitter comment, but we really like Paper, Please. Let us away with it this time. Thank Frend!