Playlogic Acquires Obscure II

The hard working folk at Playlogic Entertainment have today announced the acquisition of the survival horror game Obscure II from developer Hydravision. Along with that announcement they have revealed the game is now scheduled for release on PC and PS2 in Q3, 2007, followed by a Wii version in Q4, 2007.

What the hell is Obscure II you me ask! Well the peeps at Playlogic will also help you out there as well as they describe the game as a Survival Horror where the survivors of the original game have gone to college in an attempt to restore normality back to their lives. After the discovery of a beautiful but strange plant on campus the students soon find themselves battling for survival.

In terms of gameplay Playlogic have said that you can play from a choice of six different characters along with choosing sidekick which is controlled through AI or by a real player. This co-op mode can be activated at any point throughout the game, meaning a second player can jump in and out of the action whenever they wish.

Here is hoping s Obscure II brings something new to the table! It would be illogical for it not to.