Pirates of the Burning Sea Servers shut down


Flying Lab has announced they are starting plans to downsize the amount of servers available for Pirates of the Burning Sea. Currently the amount of public servers available is eleven, but they will be turning it down from eleven to have only four servers available in the near future.

They comment that the move is being made to consolidate the POTBS fanbase, and have four relatively full servers instead of having people running around half empty worlds. If you are currently on one of the servers that will be getting shut down you will apparently be given the option to transfer your characters to one of the four remaining servers that will be available.

Through feedback from our players and evaluation of our server populations, it has become clear that key game features require populations of higher density in order to function at optimum levels,” said developer Flying Lab Software.

When you take into account both the disparity in player time zones and the delayed launch of our title in some countries, we were spreading our overall population too thin.”