Pink And Blue DS To Hit Europe

Add a splash of colour to your life the stylish new Pink and Blue editions of Nintendo DS will launch across Europe on 7th October 2005 joining the already best selling Silver edition.

The Nintendo DS Pink and Blue editions launch at the same time as the smash-hit pet simulator, Nintendogs, that has taken Japan by storm since it launched in April 2005. Nintendogs makes full use of the unique capabilities of the Nintendo DS – with the voice recognition feature, you simply call the Nintendog by the name you have chosen and using the touch screen you can stroke, pat and tickle your dog – making this sure to be the No.1 handheld game this Christmas.

Jim Merrick, Senior Director, European Marketing.
Since launching Nintendo DS in Europe on 11th March 2005, over 1 million people across Europe have embraced this new way to play games. With three new colour choices now available and the launch of the groundbreaking Nintendogs in time for Christmas, we will continue to expand the handheld market and will be well on track to achieving sales of over 3 million Nintendo DS across Europe by the end of this year“.