Photo Of Abducted James Bulger Used In Game

Denise Fergus, the mother of murdered toddler James Bulger, who was snatched from a Merseyside shopping centre in February 1993, has condemned a computer game that shows images of her son being abducted. His image appears in the relatively unknown title ‘Law and Order: Double or Nothing’ a game based on hit crime drama.

When question on the matter Denise commented that “Using that terrible picture of James as part of a game is sick. To know that he has been turned into a clue in a game makes me very angry. The people who made this game have treated James as though he is public property. It is like they think he is some kind of fictional figure… “It is hurtful to me and my family and I am determined to do everything in my power to get the picture of James taken out of this game. All copies in the shops to be scrapped and I would appeal to anyone who has got the game to destroy it or send it back to the manufacturers and demand a refund.

Liverpool MP Robert Wareing has spoken out as well to say “Mrs Fergus has my complete support in her call for the game to be withdrawn. Why anyone would seek to to use images of James’ terrible abduction as part of a money-spinning computer game is beyond me. You would think the people who make these games would have the common sense and decency to realise the offence something so callous would cause. But the reality is they are thoughtless and clearly couldn’t give a damn about the family of the victim of what was an horrific crime.