Phil Harrison’s successor named at Sony

Sony has today announced they’ve appointed Shuhei Yoshida as President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios. He takes over the position Phil Harrison vacated earlier this year.

We’ve never heard of the guy before, and other than him looking a bit like an older version of Hiro from Heroes we have not much of an opinion on him. Sony however boast Yoshida has been with the company a long very time, apparently joining in 1993. From that time he has supposedly played a big part in establishing the PlayStation business, and went on to hold various other positions thoughout the years.

SCE WWS has been developing global hit titles, sharing resources and know-how within SCE Group since its foundation, and we will reinforce our software business by further enhancing coordination among the studios under a new leader,” said Kazuo Hirai, President and Group CEO, SCEI. “Under the leadership of Yoshida, who has proven track record in managing creative talent, SCE WWS will accelerate the software development for the PS3 and PSP platforms and vigorously expand the gaming market.