Peter Moore Comments On MGS4

After viewing the MGS4 video that was first shown at the TGS Xbox VP Peter Moore had some interesting words to say to He commented that “Cell processor or not, when I look at the technical specs, I don’t see anything that concerns me overly from a performance point of view. Quite frankly, having the ability to move first in this space, I think, provides us with the opportunity for a huge advantage.

If we look at the capabilities of the Xbox 360 from a technical aspect, and we lay against it the capabilities from a technical aspect of the PS3, everybody that works at a technical level that I respect says… It’s a wash,” he continued. “It really is. Both companies have incredibly powerful machines, and it will be about what the developers can do with them.

Gamers are a very smart bunch, and gamers who still haven’t seen a PS3 or seen one played, will make the determination. The English expression is, the proof of the pudding is in the tasting. Having videos, having characters in videos… The fact that they feel the need to have Snake tell you that it’s powerful, that could be seen as a sign of worry, or weakness, potentially,” Moore concluded.

Source GameIndustry