Peter Molyneux using Project Natal for his new game,

Peter Molyneux will be using the recently showcased Project Natal, Microsoft’s Minority Report style motion control camera in his new game. At the Microsoft E3 presser he showcased what could be done with the camera peripheral.

That thing in our hands that has evolved and got more complex” and is now “a barrier“, he remarks. Natal will “change the landscape of the games we play“.

The demo of the game was a bit nuts, showing an in-game AI called Milo reacting with real-life people, and real-life people having their face reflected in in-game water. The water can also be affected by people’s hand moments, and the AI can recognize stuff you draw on a piece of paper.

This is true technology science fiction has not even written about, and this works, now, today,” says Molyneux. “We’re showing this behind closed doors, at E3, to a selected audience, and they’ll be able to meet Milo himself.