PES4 Gets Xbox Live Update

It looks as if the one major gripe gamers had with Pro Evo on Xbox Live is set to be sorted out!

During the last few months gamers have found playing PES on Xbox Live more of a chore than been fun. Until now gamer who were going to lose a game would quit mid match to keep there stats for suffering a hit. Anyone that has experienced one of these “premature quitters” will know how madding it can be.

Gladly it looks as if Konami have been listing to the PES fans cries of anger and have released an auto update for anyone that plays the game online. Any player who now wants to quit mid game will no longer get to keep there stats in pristine order, infact if they quit mid game they will be dealt a 3-0 loss and a hit to their stats which they so preciously tried to protect before.

As well as this important correction to the online game Konami has also addressed the lag for players taking on the role of client.

All in all this is great new for all Pro Evo fans worldwide!!