Persona on the way to PSP, likely a remake

Yes, we know this is a Persona 3 pic, we cant find a good Persona one

PlayMagazine report that GameWave, a Hong Kong centric gaming magazine, has let slip that a PSP version of Persona will be heading to Japan this coming April – April 30th in fact, with a pricepoint of 5040 yen. Reports cite that the game is very likely to a remake of the original PS1 Persona, from way back crazy days of 1996.

In hindsight, that game is regretfully the lowest rated, and arguably least loved of the Playstation platform exclusive series. Nevertheless, at the time of release it was well received, and fans should be excited to see it getting another outing.

No release dates for other parts of the world have being touted as of yet, so don’t go getting too excited. Hell, Atlus of Japan have not even officially confirmed the PSP this of yet, so we likely have quite a long time to  wait to see it over on this side of the pond.