Perrin Kaplan Talks Revolution and E3

Speaking with, Perrin Kaplan, Nintendo of America’s Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Affairs, speaks about Nintendo’s marketing strategy and upcoming plans for the upcoming console codenamed ‘Revolution’, games, and more.

Concerning E3

Next-Gen You’re gearing up for E3. How important is that show?

Kaplan I have to say that all year around is important for us. There is never a quiet time of the year. Our messaging as we enter E3 becomes more and more refined. Instead of focusing on a whole bunch of things we are focusing on just a few things. That gives people clarity on what to pay attention to in our product line.

This year, we are boiling it down to talking about innovation in the form of Revolution with this amazing controller and the different things you can do on that system. We’ll focus on the different games and experiences you can have with that system.

And we’ll continue with the DS. We are just now seeing people ripening their development abilities to give games that are truly different.

So the message is about two unique hardware systems and the innovative games that come with them.

Next-Gen What are you able to say about Revolution’s E3 showing, right now?

Kaplan We will have enough games on show, that will keep people interested until launch. As far as the launch goes, we have so far said ‘this year’. At some point soon we’ll be more specific about the date.

At this show and beyond, it’s about people getting a hands-on experience. If you play Revolution for yourself and experience the software, it’s much better than me telling you about what our message is all about. It’s kinda like your own rollercoaster ride. It’s always going to be different for everyone.

The idea is to get as many people as possible to try it and take that experience for themselves. See how it makes them feel.

Concerning Nintendo’s Marketing Strategy

Next-Gen What will be the main marketing thrust of the Revolution campaign?

Kaplan The whole point about touching it and experiencing it and riding the ride is one of our biggest challenges and one of our biggest opportunities. Once it comes to retail, and the viral component of the campaign takes hold, we’ll try to bring consumers in to try Revolution for themselves. The machine will be sold through traditional retail outlets, but this part of the campaign is important.

It was a key component for DS as well, and that is really starting to hit its stride.

Next-Gen What will be the ‘killer apps’ for Revolution?

Kaplan We hope to have a lot of ‘killer apps’, rather than just one stand-out. Some of our third party partners have been really impressed with the controller and very excited about the possibilities. Companies like EA, Activision, Ubisoft and THQ are really loving getting a hold of this and creating an experience that is really new and different.

We tell them the direction we are going in, and they understand. They are excited by the chance to work outside the usual lines, they totally get it.

Next-Gen Let’s talk about broadening the audience of gamers, which is a favored Nintendo theme. Who are we talking about?

Kaplan Young teen females are one example. They have been pulled in by Nintendogs, which has been a great success. There are also people like myself, who I’d describe as dormant players. I used to play a lot and then it started to seem like the games all looked the same. Nothing was piquing my interest. But I loved Nintendogs and I love Brain Training. People want to be stimulated and these products are bringing them back in.

Games like Nintendogs are non-intimidating, affordable and different. It plays on the nurturing, emotional nature of the person. It’s not really a game so much an experience.

It sure seems as though Nintendo is prepared for the next generation and is seemingly confident in their upcoming console. To read the entire interview, head on over to Next-Gen.

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