Perrin Kaplan Talks All Things Wii

In a recent interview with IGN Perrin Kaplan talked all thinks Wii answering question about the pronunciation of the name amongst other intresting topics. Here is a short snippet from the interview:

“[i]IGN: Some fans have already started petitions in hopes of somehow convincing Nintendo to change the name. Any message for these people?
Perrin Kaplan:[/b] Live with it, sleep with it, eat with it, move along with it and hopefully they’ll arrive at the same place.


IGN: Was the name decided on out of Japan or was it a global decision by Nintendo?

Perrin Kaplan: It’s a global name. As most things at Nintendo are done, it was not done by any individual. It was really a team effort.


IGN: Some overzealous readers have created some truly phallic Wii designs. We e-mailed you several of them, as you saw. Any plans to use any of these brilliant materials in your official marketing plans?

Perrin Kaplan: What a nice way of asking that question! We actually have had a day of a lot of smiles around here with a variety of things that fans have created, let me just say that. It shows you that people are big fans of Nintendo.”[/i]