Perfect Dark XBLA rumored again via leaked Partnernet photo


Destructoid have got their hands on a leaked picture that was supposedly taken from Xbox Live’s Partnernet – the service that quite a few journalists have access to. Partnernet gets many titles long before they are available for retail, but journalists are until strict NDA’s not to write about them.

If the picture is to be believed, it suggests that a XBLA version of Perfect Dark is now available to download from the Partnernet service along with a few other yet to be released games.

It is pretty obvious that such a photo could very easily be photoshopped if someone had the time, and was evil enough to want to annoy me personally, so this is in no way confirmation the title is real. However, with many other sources hinting the game is coming out, we really think there is some basis to this rumour now.

And no, we have no idea what that Bean thing is about.

[Thanks, Destructoid]