Pepsiman Devs Gone Bankrupt

It’s hard work to keep a dev team together these days and unfortunately there is sad news coming out of Japan as yet another developers has to shut it doors. This time it is developers KID (Kindle Imagine Develop) who opened in 1988 and are probably best known for the 1999 release of the Japanese only title Pepsiman that has stopped business. As of November 30th they have closed their doors and filed for bankruptcy for a sum totalling approximately 530,000,000 Yen.

Their famous Pepsiman game mimicked the old arcade game Paperboy and PlayStation favourite Crash Bandicoot. The game was unashamedly made just to promote the Pepsi brand in Japan with the company logo appearing on just about everything in the game. The game even forced you to collected 100 Pepsi cans to unlock a new suit for the protagonist.

Although the game was far from being a classic it became a cult hit and one that many importers chose to pick up over the course of 1999/2000 just to see what the fuss was about. KID also released many beautiful looking novel adventures on consoles and PC with their biggest hit in the genre being a titled called Ever17.