Peggle iPhone now available on the App Store, it’s only €4/£3

PopCap have just released Peggle for iPhone / iPod Touch on the Apple App Store. The game does not cost that much, and comes in at just €4/£3/$5. You can buy it here – that is if we copy and pasted right.

Peggle is already available for PC, Mac, click-wheel iPod’s, XBLA, and Nintendo DS. The most talked about version of the game is undoubtedly the PC version, which has been hugely successful for Popcap since its release in early 2007.

Peggle is best described as completely nuts. It is a game where you drop a ball at various pegs. If you hit enough of the correct pegs, a beaver type thing gets EXTREME FEVER!! and is very happy. There is also unicorns in it – hooray! Each level in the games boasts different power-ups to keep things interesting as you advance.