Pathway to Glory Ikusa Islands Ships

Nokia today announced that it has shipped Pathway to Glory Ikusa Islands, the next member of the critically acclaimed and popular strategy franchise. Last year, Pathway to Glory set new standards in the world of mobile gaming and now Nokia and Red Lynx are back with a new and improved version ready to set gamer’s key pads alight.

Exclusive to the N-Gage platform, Pathway to Glory Ikusa Islands blends the detail and gritty realism of the original with improvements inspired by extensive feedback from the gaming community.

This time strategy fans are treated to an even more immersive storyline, improved AI and character evolution including interactive and spontaneous dialogue directly related to the action,” says Producer Toni Virhi. “Gamers can discover all new missions and maps, superior graphics and the opportunity to engage in voice chat between friends and foes via the N-Gage Arena.”

On entry to the World War II Pacific theatre players need to be prepared for intense multiplayer action. Pathway to Glory Ikusa Islands enables up to 6 players to battle using Hotseat, Bluetooth wireless connectivity or over N-Gage Arena. Gamers will also be able to utilize the worldwide ranking facility on the N-Gage Arena to compare their skills with other players across the globe.

Fans of the original Pathway to Glory now have the chance to hone their strategic combat skills in a whole new and improved environment,” says Gregg Sauter, Director Games Publishing, Nokia. “We are proud of the results that Red Lynx was able to deliver with this franchise and we believe that gamers will enjoy the enhanced features, faster game play and movie style narrative of Pathway to Glory Ikusa Islands enough to create fans of the series in all their friends.”