Pathologic remake creeping close to its Kickstarter goal

Pathologic might sound familiar for anyone who enjoyed checking out those Russian games that seem to pop out of nowhere with fantastic ideas, but execution that isn’t quite up to par with the potential those games had. Ice-Pick Lodge felt the same way, and so after years of frustration, the developers have turned to the Kickstarter community in order to acquire help from people interested in the title.

Taking place over a 12 day period, Pathologic is set in a small but mysterious town hit by a deadly and highly infectious disease whose origins are unknown. To fight the epidemic the local authorities send in a doctor, an inquisitor to assess the situation, and then a military commander with orders to destroy the town as a last resort. Along with the authorities’ agents, two volunteer healers find their way to the town-with-no-name along with the doctor, each of them with their own ideas on how this sinister disease came to be.

Taking on the role of one of these three doctors, players explore the town, its weird traditions and the complex relationships of its inhabitants in their quest to overcome this invisible evil called the Sand Plague, trying to find a way to fight and destroy the contagion itself, whilst endeavouring to save as many lives as possible and not to succumb to the disease themselves.

With 14 days left on the crowd funding campaign, Pathologic is currently sat at nearly $231,000, tiptoeing ever close to its $250,000 goal.  A bunch of stretch goals to entice donations include an extended town, lucid dreams with the Plague and the final one, a short prequel that sets up the important story points before the main game begins.

If this sounds all very interesting to you or if you enjoy the trailer below, then you can read more about the Pathologic remake on the Kickstarter page, and back it if it seems it would be your thing.

Pathologic is set to arrive sometime in 2015 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.