Panzer Dragoon Orta Headed To Xbox Originals

Xbox360Fanboy reports that Panzer Dragoon Orta will soon be on the way to the Xbox Originals line of titles. The news come from CERO, which is the Japanese equivalent of PEGI and ESRB which rates games before they’re released. As you can see by the image which we stole used CERO have rated the game for release in Japan giving it a B, which allows everyone from 12 and up to play it.

Seeing as no one cares about the 360 over there we’d bet that the same should be happening in the US, and more importantly Europe soon thereafter. Why not keep an eye on PEGI’s site to see if the game gets rated one their soon.

If you cant wait, then why not pick up a retail copy of the game, as a backwards compatibility update was released quite some time ago that allows the game to be played on the Xbox 360.