Pacquiao will beat Ricky Hatton says Fight Night Round 4

Using Fight Night Round 4, EA has deemed that Manny Pacquiao will win his highly anticipated May 2nd clash with Ricky Hatton. They used the all-new AI of the game dubbed R.E.A.L (Record, Evaluate, Adapt, Learn). It supposedly re-creates each fighter’s ring strategies based on their real life counterparts. EA say:

According to the simulation, an aggressive attempt by Hatton to limit Pacquiao’s movement early on was unsuccessful. Pacquiao’s used his speed and control of the ring to take advantage of Hatton’s aggression, picking his punches and keeping out of range. The tide turned in Hatton’s favor in Round 4 when he found some success trapping Pacquiao in the corner. With little room to work with, Pacquiao was forced to trade blows on Hatton’s terms. This relentless exchange proved to be too much for Pacquiao who went down to a powerful left hook at the end of Round 6. The later rounds saw the revival of the quick moving Pacquiao, who outpaced and out boxed Hatton yet again. Lightning fast left jabs wreaked havoc on Hatton through Rounds 7, 8 and 9 before a commanding right hand brought him to the mat in Round 10. Badly hurt and looking sluggish, Hatton was unable to beat the count after falling to another deadly right hook from Pacquiao in Round 11.

Fight Night Round 4 will be available 26th June for PS3 and 360, with a demo set to release late-May. Incidentally, that demo will star both Pacquiao and Hatton in a recreation of thier real-life clash