Pachterdamus #1: More Guitar Hero Games

Guitar Hero games, there will be more
The series shall not end at four
It is a game that will sell well indeed
With Activision expanding to suit their needs

Yes, after seeing recent sales numbers Michael Pachter, the great analyst based at Wedbush Morgan Securities has commented that the Guitar Hero series will sell well and more games will be made. “We believe that this year’s Guitar Hero sales reflect around 6 million units of bundles and 1.5 million units of disc-only sales, comprising around $550 million in total sales,” said Pachter in his recent note note.

Our forecast presumes that year-over-year total unit sales will decline from 7.5 million to 6.3 million,” continued the analyst. “In order to deliver $410 million in sales next year, the company must sell approximately 3 million units of disc-only (around $145 million), plus 3.3 million units of bundles. Given our expectations for significantly higher download revenue and two expansion discs, we think these figures are easily achievable.