OXM Hardly Played Space Giraffe Before

If you are a fan of Space Giraffe you may have noticed that OXM recently reviewed the game, and promptly awarded it the rather unimpressive score of 2.0. Of course, this bad review was not going too handled well by fans of the game and over on the YakYak forums (online home of Jeff Minter) a thread was created to voice opinion on the review, that thread has now reach well over 40 pages.

Interestingly, somewhere in the middle of the thread Jeff Minter posted and commented that he had searched the Partnernet leaderboards (the journalistic side of Xbox Live) and found OXM Dan’s (the reviewer of the game) score. The result of this was the realisation that the reviewer had “NO achievements at all for Space Giraffe” at all. It was also noticed that he only got “6.7 million at a maximum level of 31,” which is apparently very bad, and Minter states that “to have such a small score for level 31 is pretty extraordinary. It basically means that the player must have just been scraping through one level at a time.” Of course, Jeff Minter being Jeff Minter he then promptly commented that the whole facade seemed like the reviewer “approached the game as if it were a bush of thorns to be flailed through rather than a playground in which to acquire skills and have fun

So, seeing as this reviewer is actually getting paid to be part of one of the best selling magazines in the UK, should he not try to put more effort into his review? Now, we are not saying he got the review wrong, and until we get our hands on the game we cannot voice our own opinion, but it seems that the evidence shows that this professional games journalist is not doing his job in the best way he could.