Over 1,000 Revo Dev Kits Sent Out

Some of the more vigilant amongst you may have already read Engadget’s interview with Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo’s VP of Sales & Marketing but for those who have not one of the most interesting things he reveals in the interview is that Nintendo have already sent out in excess of 1,000 Revolution controller development kits. If anything, this shows that there could very well be loads of third-party developer support for the Revolution, at least to a much greater degree than what the Gamecube experienced.

Reggie goes on to say that “The response to the controller has been fantastic. Developers are truly embracing the innovation. They’re embracing the approach and quite frankly, they’re embracing our vision; our vision of creating games that are as sophisticated as the core gamer wants it to be but could also be as straightforward and as accessible as brand new gamers.”