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OUYA Unboxing

The OUYA is an Android-based games console that exists due to an extremely successful Kickstarter project from last year. Boxer8, the manufacturers of the OUYA, received over $8.5 million after setting a goal of just $950k, rocketing them into one of the highest funded project positions. Back in March the developer versions of the consoles got shipped, quickly followed by a slow rollout of retail consoles and DarkZero are happy to announce that they have just received their first. The device uses a Tegra-3 processor, 1GB of DDR3 RAM, 8GB of flash memory and supports 1080p video output.

At the time of this post there are over 150 published games on the OUYA store all of which have a free trial. There are also a number of emulators ranging form the NES to the DS that are already running on the device and it supports such streaming platforms as XBMC. Stay tuned for more videos as we explore the games available and really see just what the OUYA can do.