ONM Is Made to Look Stupid Again!

A few days ago Official Nintendo Magazine decided to announce to the world that they would be uncovering a huge Nintendo exclusive this Friday when issue #8 of the magazine launches. Well issue #8 has now reached the hands of some of the magazine’s readers and the BIG exclusive that they seem to hype to megaton like proportions has been revealed.

Now sit down as they may startle you…

In the hallowed pages of the magazine they have announced BWii (Battalion Wars 2) and also they decide to explain how the game works on …but wait, didn’t we already find out about this a week ago?

Of course we found out about it a week ago, but that did not stop ONM to building up hype for the “exclusive” with lines such as “stay away from the forum until you get it if you don’t want anything spoilt,” “Rest assured this wouldn’t happen normally and it’s because it’s a BIG exclusive.” and “We’re embargoed until 1 September, which means if anyone finds out about it before then we’re in trouble.”

It seems not may people are happy with the farcical goings on as over on the mags official forums, Chandra Nair has taken the time out from grabbing their next “exclusive” to calm peoples nerves. He said:

Nintendo announced BWii eight days ago. At one stage it wasn’t going to be announced at Leipzig, so it very nearly was a brand new game. Still, we’ve played a whole load of levels including multiplayer levels. We have everything you need to know about this game.

Leipzig featured two screens and a 4-minute training level. That’s it. Even if you personally went and played the game at Leipzig you’ll only know about 10% of the stuff we’ve reported.

Well done Chandra that’s really helpful…

This has not been the first time ONM readers may feel somewhat cheated, how much more can people take before the magazine’s readership takes a nosedive?