Joker Burning Money

One gamer is spending $1,000’s leveling up his Snow Globe badge on Steam

PalmDesert, a Japanese gamer on Steam, has set his mind to leveling up his Snow Globe, and no one will stop him.

With every second that passes, he is leveling up his globe more and more. He is going too fast to be unlocking the trading cards needed to level up his globe by normal means, so the only way this is possible (at the speed it is happening), is by buying the cards on the Steam Marketplace.

This means he is spending around $1.50 for each Regular badge he crafts, and $16.00 for each foil badge. Regular badges can be leveled up to level 1000, where as foil badges can reach level 100. The power of math (read: neogaf) tells us he should have spent  around $1,500 for one badge and $1,600 for the other come the end of his venture. So, in total, he will have spent approximately $3,000 once all is said and done.

Of course, he can choose sell some of the items he gets from crafting back to the Marketplace, but we are not good enough at math to figure out what he could reimburse by doing so,

PalmDesert also plays games – sometimes, He owns over 2,000 of them.

Godspeed PalmDesert!