Olimar And His Pikmin In Smash Bros Brawl

Thanks to a post on the games official site it has been confirmed that Olimar (along with five colours of Pikmin in tow) will now be part of Super Smash Bros Brawl. He joins the fight along with the rest of the amazing cast the game has amassed over the last few months and weeks. Anyone that loves good games should be very happy now – I am that’s for sure!

The site explains that Olimar requires his Pikmin to be able to preform his Smash Attack, but apparently they will scatter on him if he gets hit too many times!

I think the only thing that could top this news is the announcement of a full-blown Pikmin game for Wii. Although if that happened I’d probably do some weird things, like what the red Pikmin is doing to that blue Pikmin in that image above!