Odin Sphere Given A Solid EU Date

Screw Mario Kart – I have a feeling that game is going to disappoint anyway. If there is any release date gamers should be getting excited about, it’s the EU release of Odin Sphere. Yes, Square Enix have confirmed that the 2D Atlus-developed action RPG will be rolling into PAL territories on March 14th. That will be infinitely more entertaining than holding something called a Wii Wheel, mark my words!

John Yamamoto, president and chief executive officer of Square Enix Ltd. comments, “Odin Sphere embodies the commitment of Square Enix in bringing new experiences to European gamers. This is especially reflected in our partnership with Atlus, allowing Square Enix Ltd. to publish the first non Square Enix title in PAL territories. The wonderfully crafted Odin Sphere is the best possible start to an exciting new period for the company.