Nyko’s Wireless Wii Nunchuk Gets CNET Award

There have been many times I’ve almost strangled myself when playing with my Wii. So much so, that I count my lucky stars I am still able to write this news piece for you today. So, when Nyko announced their wireless Nunchuk peripheral a while back I was happy about the possibility of living longer – possibly to write even more news. But, with Nyko’s track record of borderlines useless peripheral’s I remained cautiously optimistic about getting one.

However, it now seems the unit could actually be quite useful, and not just a bit of plastic to toss to the wayside, as the unit has been awarded the best in gaming award by CNET in their CES round-up article.

To get rid of the annoying wire Nyko have created a dongle which plugs into the bottom of Wiimote, and when you want yo use the Nunchuk you just hold down the button on it along with the one on the dongle to sync both up. Of course, the big problem with the product is that it will need its own power source as it is not directly connected to the Wiimote, but the good news is that Nyko boast two AAA batteries will allegedly provide 30 hours of use – which does not sound all that bad in our opinion.